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Anqiu Heng'an Gas Factory was established in May 2000. It is an enterprise specializing in the production and operation of various gases.
The company is located in Anqiu City, Weifang City, Shandong Province, and produces high-purity helium, high-purity hydrogen, high-purity carbon dioxide, high-purity acetylene, high-purity nitrogen, high-purity oxygen, medical oxygen, methane, propane, nitrous oxide, ethylene oxide Gases such as alkane and various standard gases meet the requirements of the corresponding national standards and supplier standards, and the products are sold all over the world. Among them, high-purity helium, high-purity argon, acetylene, laughing gas and other products are exported to Australia, South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions, with an annual export value of more than 20 million yuan.
Anqiu Hengan Gas Factory is a high-quality supplier of large enterprises and institutions such as the National Environmental Monitoring Center, Luneng Taishan Special Transformer Electric Co., Ltd., and provides high-purity helium products for instrument testing and precision manufacturing.
Anqiu Hengan Gas Factory has complete gas production, inspection and other equipment facilities, equipped with 8 various types of gas chromatography analysis instruments, British Shaw dew point meter, fuel cell oxygen analyzer, Sartorius precision electronic scale, METTLER Analytical electronic Tianping Precision Analysis Instrument.
Anqiu Heng'an Gas Factory has sufficient safety personnel including registered safety engineers, registered fire engineers, high-level and middle-level inspectors, etc., to provide sufficient guarantee for product safety and supply quality.
The enterprise has a business license, a safety production license, a hazardous chemical business license, a hazardous chemical registration certificate, a national standard substance secondary certificate, a gas cylinder filling license, and has passed environmental, occupational health, and quality system certification, and has complete qualifications.

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